Wigs, Fashion, and Much More

Wigs, Fashion, and Much More

A Q&Awith Rene’sha Langston of Kenosha Beauty Supply

This story originally appears in the Summer 2021 print issue of Downtown Kenosha Magazine

What products & services do you provide at Kenosha Beauty Supply, 5829 Sixth Ave.?

We provide hair extensions, wigs, hair products, hair accessories, braiding hair, makeup, nail supplies, hair dye, lip gloss, earrings, nose rings, hot tools (such as flat irons, curling irons, clippers for barbers, etc.), clothing, footwear, and more. We also provide some hair services like braiding, wig installs, and custom wigs.

How would you describe your business to potential customers?

We are a family-orientated business, so customer service is number one. We want you to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome because having a relationship with our customers makes it easier for them to get exactly what they want.

Many people are afraid to wear wigs or hair extensions – but need them due to cancer, alopecia, changes in style, or other reasons behind hair loss. We can help you accomplish the perfect style for you and have all the products to accomplish it and make you feel beautiful.

What do you offer that stands out from other shops?

The staff and myself are very knowledgeable and can really help you find exactly what you are looking for.  And we always have the newest styles and trends in stock for all your beauty needs.

What was your first year of operation like?

It was a humbling experience. I remember days when no one came to buy ANYTHING. But, overall it was a great time to learn and improve on marketing, customer service, and product selection.

You are a family-owned and operated business but also a veteran-owned business, can you give us a little info on all that?

Yes, we are a military family which my husband, dad, and grandfather all have served. We are blessed to operate as a family business with our kids, grandmother, and niece – all employees at Kenosha Beauty Supply.

What is going to be the hottest trend in the beauty supply world this summer?

Wigs, glamour hats, bling glasses, and our fashion clothes.

Can you tell us about some of the different wigs styles and brands you have to offer?

We offer a variety of wigs that include human, synthetic, and a mix blend. Styles include straight, curly, a variety of colors, and HD braided wigs. We have wigs for beginners up to professionals. We carry many different styles that are very popular with women of any age.

How often do you change your hair?

Ha… Maybe three to four times a day, or a month. It depends!

Besides Kenosha Beauty Supply you and your husband Patrick also own Go-The-Distance Fitness boxing gym (7707 Sheridan Rd). Can you tell our readers a little bit about that?

My husband is a fitness fanatic and he loves to box. In the past few years, he wanted to open a gym. Today, the Hit Your Potential program that he created for Kenosha’s youth helps create an environment where kids can find mentors, educators, fitness coaches, and model success!  (www.hityourpotential.com)

Q&A & photos by Donny Stancato
Edited by Jason Hedman