Downtown Kenosha has lost its biggest fan

Downtown Kenosha has lost its biggest fan

Remembering the iconic life of Judy Rossow

This story originally appears in the Summer 2021 print issue of Downtown Kenosha Magazine

On March 20th, Downtown Kenosha mourned the loss of one of its biggest fans and one of our most passionate citizens.

Judy Rossow, with her husband Gordy, opened Copy Center in 1973 in Downtown Kenosha and with the help of their daughter Sharon, have been providing excellent printing services ever since.

But Judy was so much more than that.

She was a avid supporter of her hometown and was involved in the preservation of the Rhode Opera House, and the development of the Pollard Art Gallery, just to name a few.

Rossow also looked out for others, always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it be through her involvement in the Kenosha International Rotary Club or her work with the Meals on Wheels organization, Judy was always happy to get involved.

It came to no surprise to those who knew her when Judy was named the Person of the Year by the Kenosha News in 2015.

Her generosity, warmth, and humor will be remembered by all who were lucky to have met her.


A Community of Families

By Judy Rossow 

A small town, a lakefront community, a food and entertainment community – a gathering place – a community of friends; there’s one more that needs to be mentioned – a community of families. When you walk into one of the shops, you could be talking to multiple members of a family, like a husband & wife team, a son or daughter, grandparent or grandchild. Some of the old sayings: a family that works together stays together, supports their family and community together, grows old together, makes Kenosha a large small town.

Just wandering down the street, going in and out of small businesses, you may be entering into a family working together to bring you lunch, a product or service – and that family could have been doing it for two or more generations. We’ve been at the same address since 1973 and now owned by our second generation. We have always said the Lake brought us, but the people kept us. Downtown Kenosha, through all of its changes, is a great place to be. With such a rich history, we still talk about a business by the family/owner’s name.

There is such a great amount of sharing and caring for each other that makes us a family.


Kenosha remembers Judy Rossow

“Judy was amazing. She will be deeply missed. Sharon, Mitch, Buddy … thank you for sharing her with all of us for so many years. We are truly grateful.” – Laura Tyunaitis

“Copy Center took me in for my school apprenticeship while I was at Gateway many moons ago. It was a pleasure to work for Judy and Gordy for a short time and remain great neighbors all these years. We all need to follow the positive example she set just by being herself and be more like Judy!” – Jason Hedman

“Judy was such a great friend to the City of Kenosha and a special friend to so many. Her contributions to our hometown were countless. She touched so many hearts.” – John Fox

“Judy was a good listener and she provided solid advice. She spoke softly, worked hard, and brought people together. Judy was smart and kind and a great role model. She exemplified gentle yet effective leadership as she shared her love for Kenosha.” – Maureen Cashin Bolog

“(When I first met Judy) she immediately began to share her love for downtown Kenosha with me, and I soon became hooked as well. She will be terribly missed .”  – Janette White Jones

“Such a loss for Kenosha. Judy was a great person and a great neighbor.” – Jeff Bella

“We are thankful for the great contribution to Kenosha and the great example she gave us all. We will miss her.” – Louie Arecco

“So much love for dear Judy, for so many reasons. Rest well and happy with Gordy, my friend.” – Peggy Gregorski

“Judy was a good person and great supporter of local artists.” – Joe Campolo, Jr.

“Thank you for making our community a better place.” – Lynda Ruffalo

Edited and created by Jason Hedman