The only agent with a top hat by Steve Fifer

The only agent with a top hat by Steve Fifer

Stephen J Fifer

I was born and raised in Kenosha Wisconsin, I graduated from Mary D Bradford. I also, went to KTI (Gateway)  for close to a year and a half before I joined the Wisconsin National Guard here in Kenosha,


     Did you ever wonder what our communities would be like if the truth were to find its way from our minds to our hands or voices? Imagine what it would be like if the News Media Channels actually told the truth. Bits and pieces of truth is called omission.  I am talking about the actual truth, the entire story in general not from a certain point of view. In the last week or two on talk show radio I heard an interview with Dr. Fauci and he stated the reason he is taking Vitamin D is because it cuts the chances of not only getting the Coronavirus, but also the intensity of the virus by 50%. On that same talk show, they played a voice cut of Dr.Fauci from April 2020 stating that the Masks were not very effective. 

The talk show on the radio also had a Dr named Dr. Richard Bartlett stating that if you gargle with a strong mouth wash daily it would help not contracting the virus.  

My question is why are doctors that have found cures for the Coronavirus down in Texas (Dr.Richard Bartlett) why is the News Media not covering any of this? I have watch channel 1 news and they do say the survival rate is 99.1% yet all these other News Channels seem to just report the bad. Do they want us to panic? Corruption in our Presidential Election is out of control. These same people telling us to wear masks and stay home are not doing those things. Why is it different for us? There is so much information around us, we should not just believe one source.  

What do you believe?

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by Steve FIFER

In 1986 the Communist party ceased to exist. After the end of World War II, the Daily World (Daily Workers) newspaper and the West Coast Weekly paper, People’s Daily World merged into the Peoples Weekly World. The majority reasserted the policies purely Marxist outlook prompting a minority fashion which urged social democrats to exit the now reduced party. In my opinion that means the communist/Marxist has been a part of the social democratic party for a long time. Do you know what Socialism is? Socialism simply means strict government control over the economy. Which means the government runs healthcare (Obama Care), Government mandate wage requirement, and more restrictions on regulations that could cause hardships on private businesses. Not only does this mean government control but a lot more taxes to pay. Socialism creates sky high taxes, poor health care, supplies shortage, lack luster innovation, limited choices on food, clothing, and more. Government rules will shackle individual freedoms and up stage our constitution. Having a socialist government will also take away the free market system that promotes economic advancement with competition. In my opinion this is what the democratic party is offering. When JFK ran for president as a democrat his slogan was; “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. 50 years ago when John F Kennedy was running for president, I was proud to be associated with the Democratic party. As of present day I feel they talk about more socialist party ideas than democratic beliefs. The beliefs that I grew up with were for better wages, better work conditions, and basically in support of the working class in our country. What I hear from the democrats running for president are; Raise taxes, more government health care, choice restrictions that seem to already be starting, and shortages appearing. To me this sounds like socialism in its best. Is this really what we want, are they truly democrats or is this a socialist party? What do you believe?


   One of the 126. I was in the National Guard for about 10 years. I have two successful sons who have wonderful families that I am very proud of. In my spare time I love to go fishing with my grandsons and ride my Harley. Being a Christian is a big part of my life along with being part of the Gideon.

I was in the Automobile business starting in the mid 70’s until about 2005. I did everything from running parts, service, and body shop to used car manager, sales manager, finance manager and finally General Manager. I worked at dealerships from Evanston Illinois to Hartford Wisconsin. I wanted to start my own business and Farmers Insurance gave me that opportunity. I opened my office at 8119 22nd Ave Kenosha Wisconsin and I am still here today! My clients became like family and I wanted to better fit their needs so I went independent and now have over 25 companies available and no longer work at Farmers Insurance. At the age of 66 it was not easy to started over from scratch, but I needed to find a way to better help my clients. By doing this I was able to better fit their needs for example people who have bad driving records or bad credit I now have companies that will work with them who are more affordable than what I had in the past. Same with making sure a family is taken care of when a loved one passes. Taking care of people is one of my passions. I enjoy working with small business’ because we now are able to provide more coverage with affordable rates. Its amazing what you can do when you have so many companies to choose from.


Hot Pandemic Heat

  As the sun gets hotter, it gives off more radiation. It is a coincidence that since the temperature is rising there are more people with corona virus?
Look at Florida, Texas and now Wisconsin. As a temperature heated up the number of people with the virus keeps going up. Do you realize that 5G works on millimeter waves, millimeter waves are found in the spectrum between microwaves and IR (Infrared waves, which Is something known as EHF is something known as EHF(Extreme High Frequency) 5G is a type of EMF radiation? The Who (World Health Organization) International agency for research on cancer (IARC) has designated this type of EMF as a class 2N Carcinogen. Other researchers has demonstrated that EMF is genotoxic, which means it can destroy your DNA. Beyond cancer, multiple peer-reviewed scientific studies have also demonstrated that exposure to this type of radiation can result in a wide variety of conditions, including 

– Nausea
– Hair loss
– Swelling
– Low energy
– Appetite loss
– Bone marrow damage
– Depression
– Confusion
– Incapacitation and Death
– infections
What would happen if the temperature goes down? Maybe the number of people with the virus will go down. Knowing this information that we have, is the risk something we really want in this country?

Is this really a coincidence or is this something we should be looking into?

This article first appeared in the July 30, 2020 issue of Smart Reader

Seeking the TRUTH

First Hundreds and now thousands of people are protesting. They are protesting for the way our law enforcement does business, along with change, equality, and other good causes. Yet there is no spike in statistics in Wisconsin for coronavirus (Covid-19).  Thousands of people can come from all over the country for the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION in Milwaukee, but we the people of Wisconsin have to cancel county and state fairs, summer fest, church festivals, weddings, birthday parties, and funerals. It’s hard for me to understand why several mayors in our state are just now opening their cities when the supreme court of Wisconsin rules that our state is open for business as of May 15th.   The people paying the price are the small business owners. They have invested everything they have to do business, yet because of our elected officals, lack of funds, and delay of opening businesses, some may never open their doors again. We watch the big box stores make record profits.  The small business owners are able to open again, but their clients are few and the owners are running out of money. Our news media can’t talk 5 minutes without talking about Covid-19 and terrifying the general public. My question is what is the real truth? Where are our freedoms, constitutional rights, and common sense that we fought for in 1776 that created the constitution? The people of our nation have always had common sense to know what is right, what is wrong, how to be safe, and to make the best decisions on behalf of our wellbeing. We understand who is at the biggest risk and they should be careful. We do not need our “big brother” (the government) telling us what to do or how to act while dealing with this new virus, Covid-19. The government health professionals are recommending everyone wears masks, yet people need to lift them up occasionally to breath. Do you think the Masks are really helping? Have you ever heard if you wipe your groceries off before you put them away you will not get the flu? Have you ever heard of any sickness that adheres to your clothing or anything you touch? Or is something more going on? Now is the most critical time to make sure you and your family are taken care of.

(This article first appeared in the 6/19/2020 issue of the Smart Reader)


5G  and coronavirus, a coincidence?

Is it just a coincidence that all the 5G towers/antennas are in all of the major cities where the biggest outbreaks of the corona virus are? To name some of the cities; New York, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Atlanta are just a few. They are all over the continental United States. Most people do not realize that 5G works on Millimeter waves, Millimeter waves are found in the spectrum between microwaves and infrared (IR) waves, which is sometimes known as extremely high frequency (EHF). 5G is a type of EMF radiation. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has designated this type of EMF as a Class 2B carcinogen. And other research has demonstrated that EMF is genotoxic, which means it can destroy your DNA. Beyond cancer, multiple peer-reviewed scientific studies have also demonstrated that exposure to this type of radiation can result in a wide variety of conditions, including:

Hair loss
Low energy
Appetite loss
Bone marrow damage
Organs damage
Incapacitation and death

Knowing this information that we have, is this risk something we really want in the country? Is it Corona Virus or is it the effects from the 5G towers or is it radiation? Is this really a coincidence or is this something to look into or is this our problem?
this first appeared in the April 30th, 2020 issue of the Smart Reader)


   Can’t TOP the important things in life

Did you ever notice the most important things in life you insure such as your home, auto, maybe if you even have a summer home? We do this because if we were to lose them we would not be able to replace them in most cases. Let me ask you a question, if you had a machine in your basement that printed money, that pays all your bills, your home or boat or to go out to a movie. Would you insure it? Most people have one of those machines, do you know what that is? That machine is you. If something was to happen to you today, what would your family do tomorrow? Would they be able to stay in the house? Would your children be able to go to the same schools? Would your wife be able to give them the lifestyle they have become accustom to? What we are talking about is Life Insurance. You insure your home, auto, and everything else. Why would you not insure yourself, the money machine. What we do for our clients is a needs analysis that fits in your budget. Please give us a call to set up an appointment so we can work out a plan for you and your family. We work with over 30 companies and can easily find the company that fits your needs.