Riki has a Food Truck?!

Riki has a Food Truck?!

Unfortunately, we are not going to talk about Riki’s new food truck, Cut Stone Foods
(super yummy!), but we grabbed your attention right?!  This time we are writing about the common dilemma right now…WE ARE HIRING!

Building the right team is an extremely important part of running a business.  We have worked very hard to bring the right people in to create a great dynamic at The Lettering Machine, 725 50th St.  But as we grow, we need to continue to build our team.  This is a daunting task normally, but even worse right now.  Everywhere you turn you see the huge sign in your face saying “WE ARE HIRING”.  It seems like everyone is hiring right now and not just for one position, but for many.  Whether it is for growth purposes, or to just fill current positions.  Finding not only good help, but any help, is near impossible.  With large corporations able to offer higher pay, hiring bonuses and benefits, the small family owned businesses can get overlooked.

Rosemary and Courtney have been with us for over 4 years now and are an integral part of how our shop operates.  We are grateful that they have found their place with us and helped our shop grow to where it is today.   Then, Jayna and Melissa were brought into our lives and they rounded out our team.  In our shop, as in other small family owned shops in our town, our team truly becomes our family.  This culture can then spill over into our downtown community and our family expands!

Bottom line is that WE ARE HIRING…but where and how do we find people? You can put actual job listings in the newspaper or post about your needs on social media platforms.  Word of mouth has always been our go to and huge blessing. Our best employees have all been brought in by word of mouth, and it hasn’t failed us.  Visiting great resources like KABA, YLINK and internship programs with area schools may also help.

We are excited to continue to add team members at our shop that will become family and help us continue to grow.  Please do not rule out a small business for a career opportunity.  There are other benefits to a job, like one that makes you feel like family and you enjoy coming to work every day (well…most days). 

By Tina Chatmon &Carolyn Serpe of The Lettering Machine, 725 50th Street

(Photo submitted by TLM, article written by Tina Chatmon &Carolyn Serpe)
This story originally appears in the Summer 2021 print issue of Downtown Kenosha Magazine.(Downtown Kenosha Magazine content engineered by Donny Stancato & Jason Hedman)
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