Hold my beer and watch me throw this axe!

Hold my beer and watch me throw this axe!

Earlier in 2023, Meghan Mills and Luke Faulkner opened Kenosha’s first axe-throwing tap house with Hold My Beer, located at 621 56th Street. Enjoy this exclusive Q&A and visit their website for more info!

Q. How did you two meet?
A. An online dating app – it was love at first swipe!

Q. What led to the decision to open Hold My Beer in Downtown Kenosha?
A. We live five minutes from Downtown and wanted a place where we could eat, drink, and play games. We figured why not bring this vision to life ourselves rather than waiting for someone else to!

Q. Did you have any other business names you almost went with?
A. We debated with several names but nothing was quite right until Hold My Beer popped up!

Photo by Donny Stancato

Q. How do the self tappers work?
A. We have 50 taps with a variety of different beverages.  To operate, you are given a card when you check in that activates the tap, allowing you to pour as much or as little as you want while being charged by the ounce. 

Q. Besides beer what other kind of drinks do you offer?
A. An array of ciders, seltzers, wine, mixed drinks, and non-alcoholic options.

Q. Do you also serve food?
A. Yes, we have a limited, yet expanding menu that features pizzas, babka, charcuterie boards, and a gigantic Milwaukee pretzel.

Photo by Donny Stancato

Q. Other than axe throwing, do you offer some other fun activities?
A. Yes! There are tons of free to play games, such as foosball, shuffleboard, cards on every table, and a library of different games for all to enjoy.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of starting an axe throwing bar?
A. We’d been elsewhere and fell in love with the sport. When the idea for the self pour bar came to mind, we wanted there to be something to do while drinking beer and thought, what better than throwing axes!

Photo by Donny Stancato

Q. Can you tell me about the process of building and designing the
axe throwing lanes in your bar?
A. A lot of research led to us picking and choosing the favorite parts of other concepts and making them our own with modifications as needed to fit our vibe.

Q. How do you ensure the safety of your customers while they’re participating in axe throwing?
A. Safety instructions are posted in each lane, guests are provided a safety brief, and we have coaches monitoring the lanes to ensure safety.

Q. Can you share any insights into the psychology behind the popularity of axe throwing as a recreational activity?
A. It’s therapeutic! Throwing sharp objects at a wall while drinking your choice beverage paired with a delicious pretzel is about as cathartic as it gets! 

Q.  How do you ensure that both beginners and experienced axe throwers have an enjoyable and satisfying time at your bar?
A. We get to know our throwers and offer several different games that challenge each individual right where they are.

Q. Could you share some memorable experiences or stories from customers who have visited your axe throwing bar?
A. The most common feedback we’ve received so far is that Kenosha needed this – something fun to do downtown – and we can honestly say hundreds of memories have been made through our establishment already, and we simply love being a part of them.

Q. Are there plans to start an axe throwing league?
A. Yes! We will be launching these details very soon! Keep an eye on our FB and Instagram for more details.

Photo by Donny Stancato

Q. Do you offer any specials or discount days?
A. On select weekdays we offer a 10% discount for groups of 12 or more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Q. Any tips you recommend to customers to improve their axe throwing skills?
A. Be patient and willing to be coached. Those who listen and execute do very well!

Q. What else sets Hold My Beer apart from others bars?
A. Our customer-centric focus, dedication, and passion for supporting local; we have a deep enthusiasm for giving back via local non-profits; and the culture of fun we’ve created.  People aren’t coming to us to drink – they are coming to have a good time.

Q. How do you maintain the axes and the throwing range to ensure
consistent quality and experience for customers?
A. We change out the wood regularly as needed and regularly sharpen the blades.

Photo by Donny Stancato

Q. Have you formed any collaborations with other local businesses?
A. Let us count the ways!  From the drawings, to the realtor, to the bank, to the contractors, to the supplier Partnerships (Blak Coffee, From Scratch Bakery, and Sweet Somethings Bakery to name a few), our entire mission is to support our local small business community.  Not to mention our entire tap wall is made up of Wisconsin brewed beers, ciders and seltzers.

Q. How do you handle team-building events and corporate bookings?
A. We encourage companies to reach out to us so we have help make their event as memorable as possible.  We will take parties of any size and also offer private venue rentals if desired. It is an incredible, unique opportunity to celebrate their employees or customers at a local venue.

Q. Can you tells us a little about your staff and what went into putting together the perfect team for Hold My Beer?
A. We are incredibly picky with the staff we hire because we need them to embody phenomenal customer service, people skills, and a team-centric attitude.  Not all of our staff are great with every aspect of our business model, but each one brings a different skill set that makes us a dynamic team.

Hold My Beer
621 56th St

Q&A and phots by Donny Stancato • Edited by Jason Hedman

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