Holiday Memories w/ Dave of the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce

Holiday Memories w/ Dave of the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce

The holidays are always very important to small businesses and to show our support we decided to find out what is going on this holiday season at the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce as we sit down with President/CEO David Strash for this exclusive holiday Q&A.

How is the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce prepared for the holiday season?
The holidays for the Chamber is spent supporting our members businesses as much as we are able. Also, we are trying to add to the “cheer” with our 2nd annual Holiday Cheer Crawl.

The staff: Stefanie Hansen, Rachel Skowronski, Dave Strash & Mike Mertz

Is the Chamber doing anything special for the holidays this year?
Our 2nd annual Holiday Cheer Crawl is designed to allow people to enjoy some special, “Passport” pricing on beverages and food at participating establishments. Passports are sold by the Chamber of Commerce for $15 each or 2 for $20. And we always have a $5 coupon code available, so the final price is $10 each and 2 for $15. Our goal is to have holiday shoppers, along with those that want to get out and celebrate the season, be able to treat themselves at a discounted level. The passport holders win by saving money and perhaps trying a new place, and the establishments win by getting more customers  and hopefully new returning customers. The retail businesses hopefully win by Cheer Crawl passport holders shopping in between delicious refreshments!

What is your overall favorite holiday memory?
I have wonderful memories as a child as my parents always made a big deal of Christmas and the holiday season. And then my first Christmas with my bride of 36 years, and every one since, along with the firsts with each of our 4 children. Seeing their eyes light up on Christmas morning was priceless.

What is your fondest holiday memory growing up in Kenosha?
The excitement waiting to wake up on Christmas morning as a child. Nothing quite like it.

Where would your family shop for the holidays when you were a kid?
Local stores mostly. We’d make a special trip to Southridge Mall for a day, when going to a mall was a big deal!

What is the best holiday gift you ever received?
Tudor Electric Football.

What is the worst holiday gift you ever received?
Hasn’t happened yet!

Do you think you’re on Santa’s nice list or naughty list this year?
Always a toss up! But I’m thinking I have a fighting chance this year to be on the nice list. I’m just hoping he doesn’t talk to my wife before making the final decision!

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Q&A and photos by Donny Stancato
Edited by Jason Hedman
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