“We love being on 6th Ave in the middle of all the action on Main Street! We’re surrounded by great neighbors!” – Joy Schweitzer Ermert

Q. You recently relocated Lulu Birds to Main Street (5716 6th Ave) the old Something Different building. What do you love about the the new location?
Joy: We love being on 6th Ave in the middle of all of the action on Main Street! We’re surrounded by great neighbors!

Q. What has some of the response been with customers about your move to 6th Ave?
Joy: They seem to like our new location! We’re told it feels more inviting and they love how open it feels.

Q. For someone who’s not familiar with Lulu Birds can you portray what Lulu birds is all about?
Joy: While our main focus is on the vintage and antique variety, we also have amazing upcycled and hand crafted pieces such as furniture build from architectural salvage and super cool lamps made from antique items such as old cameras and fire extinguishers.
We also have a fun boutique area with great gift ideas and more personal items.

Q. How many vendors do you currently have? And how does that work if someone wants to be be a vendor at Lulu birds?
Joy: We currently host around 50 local vendors and are full.

Q. Do you still have a lot of time to work on your own furniture pieces? And off the top of your head how many do you think you’ve done in your life?
Joy: I do, it’s still my favorite part of what I do! Gosh, would have to be somewhere in the low one thousands I’d think.

Q. Do you remember the first piece you ever refurbished? If so what the backstory?
Joy: A chair I painted for my bedroom when I was in high school.

Q. Who and what influenced you to start up your own business?
Joy: My Grandmother owned her own business (Helen’s Drapery)for many years. She was my biggest influence. I worked and sold at other vintage shops before opening my own, every one of those women were great influence and inspirations to build up my confidence to open my own business.

Q. How did you come up with the name Lulu birds?
Joy: Lulu Bird was one of dogs. She was a quirky and beautiful rescue we adored. She lives on now as the namesake for my business.

Q. Will your special events, annual sidewalk sale, workshops and painting classes be back in 2022?
Joy: We will continue to offer fun events. Unfortunately we lost a lot of space with our move and are unable to offer classes in our new space. It was a bit of a heart break to lose our workshop.

Q. Can you tell us about the man behind the most powerful and successful woman in Downtown? AKA Kevin 
Joy: Haha you’re funny! My hubby is by far the most patient and kind hearted person I know. He’s Lulu Birds biggest fan and is always ready to lend a hand around the shop.
Q. What makes Lulu Birds so unique?
Joy: Our unique and talented vendors of course! We have an amazing group of individuals that bless our community by sharing their talents and creativity through our humble storefront.

Q. What’s next for you and Lulu Birds?
Joy: For now we will be settling in to our new space!

Lulu Birds is located at 5716 6th Avenue
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(This article first appeared in the Downtown Kenosha Magazine Winter Vol. 15 #1 2022)
Q&A and pics by Donny Stancato
Edited by Jason Hedman