Anxiety 2020: Downtown, Uptown, One Town! By Mark Wistar & Kalli H. of House of Nutrition

Anxiety 2020: Downtown, Uptown, One Town! By Mark Wistar & Kalli H. of House of Nutrition

Everyone has a little anxiety now and then but for some, anxiety can be overwhelming.  The year 2020 has been trying for most and can affect us by depleting our energy and self-confidence.  


Slightly over 100 years ago, the world was struck by a Pandemic called the “1918 Spanish Flu,” which killed approximately 50 million people Worldwide.  For most people, the year 2020 started out well, but turned quickly.  Talk of the Coronavirus in China started to show up in the news.  Infections here started out slow but spread quickly before most had time to comprehend what was happening. The effects have forever changed our lives.  


Just as we started to recover from COVID-19, civil unrest started all over the country.  In late August tragedy hit Kenosha.  We became the epicenter of civil unrest rioting and looting that damaged or destroyed much of our Downtown and Uptown areas of commerce.  The business owners and leaders in Kenosha responded quickly and we soon realized the importance of our BID (Business Improvement District) and Downtown DKI (Downtown Kenosha Incorporated).  The leadership of both these organizations set up command centers for volunteers where they received donations and organized the boarding up of windows and the art that was painted in the affected areas.  Soon after BID and DKI set up the command center, members of the community responded by offering to help clean up or, to drop off food, water and donations to help the Downtown with recovery. Kenosha gained national attention and had visits from the President, former Vice President, the Governor, Lt. Governor, WI State Assembly, State Senator and Secretary of the WI Dept. of Revenue.  The city also had visits from many Civil Rights Activists and Kenosha’s own Mahone Family (Mary Lou and Arthur F. Mahone Fund) who helped guide everyone through these challenging times.


If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, a specialized, clinically-tested botanical is available for calming the nervous system. It is very effective and safe for use when a toll is taken on mental and physical health.  This product also matches the symptom relief of prescription anti-anxiety medications, but without the serious side effects.  The specialized main ingredient is derived from a single compound extracted from Echinacea Angustifolia.  Studies have shown that it not only has a calming effect similar to Valium or Librium (without the sedation and side effects) but is also be safe enough for children aged four and up!  It is great for social anxiety and does not make you drowsy.  


The cold weather is starting to set in and there are increasing cases of COVID-19 as people gather indoors.  What can we do to protect ourselves and our family from a potential second wave?   At the House of Nutrition we specialize in providing knowledgeable experiences for the community by assisting people in making the right choices for their family’s immunity. We stock a number of clinically-tested items for nourishing from the inside-out, as well as for stress or sleep disorders.  House of Nutrition is exclusive to offer organic herbal supplements from Tippecanoe Herbs and Oregon’s Wild Harvest for the Kenosha area, plus an additional herbal supplement line.  We also carry Tippecanoe’s famous pure Italian elderberry syrup and the cough syrup, “Nailin’ My Coughin.”  These are all outstanding natural homeopathic products that provide our customers with amazing results.


Until we have a vaccine for COVID-19 the best way to fight this virus is by building up our immune systems with quality vitamin supplements that are certified to contain what they state on the label.  Also, make sure you keep your anxiety level in check and get plenty of sleep to keep your immune system at its peak. 

Written by Mark Wistar (owner) & Kalli H. (Manager) of House of Nutrition
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