Some Like It Hot – Exclusive Q&A w/ Jenna Martin Owner of Hot Yoga Kenosha

Some Like It Hot – Exclusive Q&A w/ Jenna Martin Owner of Hot Yoga Kenosha

How hot is Hot Yoga? Well we found out in this exclusive Q&A with Jenna Martin, owner of Hot Yoga Kenosha located at 5708 7th Ave. in Downtown Kenosha.

Can you tell us what Hot Yoga is?

Hot Yoga is a series of classes offered in a controlled environment with the room heated between 95-105 degrees with 40% humidity.

What types of classes do you provide?

We offer Hot26, Pilates, Vinyasa, HIIT, Strength Training, Yin Yoga, Kid Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and  Conscious Connected Breathwork Classes.  We also offer Customized Private Group Sessions, Personal Training, and Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Programs.

What is your signature class?

Hot26.  Hot26 is a fixed sequence of 26 postures practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity.  It is 26 postures and two breathing exercises that are systematically performed to flush the whole entire body from head to toe. The sequence is from the Ghosh lineage.  It was built to strengthen your spine, tone your digestive system, mobilize your joints, and teach your mind to focus so that you can relieve your mind from anxiety, depression, or any other emotional stress.  The Hot26 class uses gentle poses to strengthen and stretch every single muscle, joint, ligament, and tendon in your body.  Not only does this class develop balance, strength, self – control, and flexibility. It teaches you patience self-acceptance, endurance, and focus.

What are some of the benefits?

Builds strength, encases flexibility, improves concentration, improves balance, promotes relaxation, improves cardiovascular health, helps weight reduction, strengthens immune system, reduces stress, improves heart function, improves circulation, improves posture, develops muscle tone, improves breathing, improves energy and stamina, detoxification, better focus, discipline, relieves chronic pain, radiant glowing skin, improves sexual reproductive function, improves nervous system, aids injury recovery, and regenerates scar tissue.

 What inspired you to start a yoga studio?

Hot Yoga has helped me recover from a major car accident.  It has transformed me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I know the deep healing power of yoga and want to share it with as many people as possible.

 What do you love about teaching and doing hot yoga?

I have watched people do things they thought that they would never accomplish, including myself.  I’ve watched people completely transform their lives on many different levels.  I am extremely passionate about teaching yoga and it is an absolute honor to be able to guide people on their journey.

What should someone expect when they walk into your hot yoga studio for the first time?

They should expect a challenge both physically and mentally.  Their body may need some time to acclimate to the heat and it’s important to stay hydrated.  We always remind our students that it is a practice not a performance.  Just bring a mat, towel, and water!

Your outdoor classes seem to very successful. Can you tell us a little about them?

We offer a variety of outdoor classes in an open space so we can tune into nature and be able to enjoy the open space outdoors.  We have yoga classes, HIIT, kid yoga, and family yoga. Stayed tuned on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming classes and events.

Can you tell us about your “Make yourself golden” slogan?

Make yourself golden. Be the best version of yourself. As my trainer, Emily Henderson from Puyallup, WA said, make yourself golden is a reference to the process the body goes through when it is turned from a body of burden lead, to a lightened body- a golden body.  Yoga is a system developed by ancient sages who had reached body and mind states that could be described as blissful, ecstatic, divine.  This was often represented as a golden Buddha.  When we say #makeyourselfgolden, we are referring to the amazing fact that you have the ability to turn your body and mind into something you can enjoy rather than survive.  The effects the yoga practice has on the mind and body turns your suffering to power, your burdens from heavy to light, from lead into gold.

In the past you have partnered with some Downtown Kenosha businesses like Capt. Mikes, Rustic Road, Ashling on the Lough, and Flex and Burn. Are there still plans to continue working with local business?

Yes! I have and I do different events with other local businesses.  It is a way to be able to come together as a community and support local businesses.
Not only is Hot Yoga Kenosha connecting with other businesses we are also aiming to work with other organizations to provide Yoga for those in need.  Our goal is to partner with some nonprofits to help the community and provide classes to them for free.  If you or anyone else has an organization that would benefit from a yoga practice please reach out to us via Facebook or direct message and we would definitely love to get together.

What do you love about Kenosha?

Kenosha is such a beautiful place to reside and be connected to.  Kenosha by far has the best community of people I have ever encountered.  The community and HYK fam is so strong and has been so supportive over the years. I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing community and only hope that there are boundless opportunities to continue to collaborate, build, and strengthen the community both now and in the future.

How can people sign up for your Hot Yoga classes?

You can book classes through Mindbody
Call or send us a message 262-412-0004
Facebook: Hot Yoga Kenosha
Instagram: Hot Yoga Kenosha



Concept & Q&A by Donny Stancato
Photos supplied by Jenna Martin
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