Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott

Birthplace: Kenosha, WI
You Know Her As: Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Month (August 1999); dubbed by the magazine as “the Anna Nicole Smith look-alike.”

Did You Know?: Scott is a big fan of comic books and admits to having had a crush on He-Man from “Masters of the Universe” while growing up.

On Sept. 27, 1972, Rebecca Scott was born in Kenosha. She remained there throughout her childhood and graduated from Reuther Central High School in 1990.

Nine years later, Scott appeared as the August 1999 Playmate of the Month. This was an unusual event, as Scott did not share the same anorexic and silicone look of most Playmates. At 5-foot-8, and 140 pounds, she represents a surprisingly healthy body shape. She was also unusual in that she was 26 when she posed-slightly older than most playmates.

“The average Playmate is 5-foot-6, 115 pounds, 22 years old, proportioned 36-23-35 and was born in September. The oldest Playmate was 33 and had two kids. The thinnest weighed 93 pounds,” Jenn Shreve says at

Scott’s voluptuous body, platinum blond hair, pug nose and large lips earned her the &!@*#le of “Anna Nicole Smith look-alike” from Playboy.

“The truth of the matter here is there is no mystic formula. We have had people of all shapes and sizes over the years, all colorations, ethnicities,” says Playboy’s Bill Farley to Jenn Shreve. “Playboy is an equal-opportunity employer when it comes to beauty.”

Scott reappeared in Playboy in November and December of ‘99; January, May and December of ‘00; July of ‘01; and July of ‘03. In addition, she has made appearances in three videos produced by Playboy.

However, she is not only a model but a performer as well- she had a brief stint in the X show at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Scott has dreams of being a rock star and has a preference for ‘80s rock. She told that her ambition is “to pursue a successful singing career,” despite her most frightening experience being “the first time I sang in front of an audience.”

Scott is a “raw foodist” that practices and studies Holistic medicine.

According to cameraman John Neyrot on his web site, “One of her dreams in life is to help as many people as she can by teaching them about cleansing herbs and foods that can help them stay young and healthy all their live’s.”

Another career highlight for Scott came in 2001 when she landed the role of spokesmodel for SCOTTeVEST. This is a company that markets vests and other clothing that will hold, but conceal, all the electronic devices that are now becoming common.

The choice to have Scott as spokes modelsparked some controversy- exemplified by Mike Wendland, the Detroit Free Press’ technology reporter, who went as far as to write in his column, “I’m abandoning my eVEST because of the exploitive advertising tactics used to promote it.”

However, SCOTTeVEST says that the majority response was positive, such as Rob Blackstien’s response in a Channel Business article, “Wow. Suddenly, techie dweebs of the world were shedding their propeller caps and donning SCOTTeVESTs, and the next thing you knew, former Playboy bunnies wanted to have their picture taken with them.”

Scott gained much popularity, and eVest notes that when they attended tradeshows, “people ask for Rebecca by name.”

According to, the words that Scott lives by are: “Learn to live in the present, we can’t change the past, and the future is just our imagination.”

Biography by Katie Doucet