Bartender Spotlight at Champions Sports Bar

Bartender Spotlight at Champions Sports Bar
Champions Sports Bar, 719 50th St, is open daily at 6am, So we decide to rise and shine and get to know a few of the bartenders. We shine the bartender spotlights on Dave and Dino of Champions Sports Bar and see what makes them two of Kenosha’s favorite bartenders…

How long have you been bartending?
Dave: Total 12 years, 10 here at Champions.
Dino: Bartending 46 years, owned one for 8 in the 90s.
Who inspired you to be a bartender?
Dave: Long time bartender Art Berger.
Dino: Lenny Chiapetta, who owned Lenny’s Club on 22nd Ave and 53rd Street. He was there for 36 years, had me working when I was 10 waiting on the card players.
Dave will pour you up a cold one at Champions Sports Bar
What do you love about bartending?
Dave: I love meeting new people and seeing friends every day at the bar.
Dino: I love bartending because I like being around people. I enjoy the conversations and the banter.
What do you love about Downtown Kenosha?
Dave: I love the music on summer nights and the proximity to the lake, plus all the restaurants and bars.
Dino: Downtown has grown so much! The city has done a great job with the entertainment and events. I love the lake –  it is my favorite place to be.
Dino says your choice?
What is your favorite cocktail to make?
Dave: My favorite is a Bloody Mary. Many other bartenders tend to dislike making them, but I take great pride in the ones I make.
Dino: As a day bartender, I don’t make many cocktails, but they say I make a real good Bloody Mary and I used to enjoy making martinis.
Best advice you received while behind the bar?
Dave: Leave your problems at the door.
Dino: Be nice, have fun, have a thick skin. But don’t let anyone get out of hand or disrespect you.
What is different about a 6 a.m. Champions crowd?
Dave: The 6 a.m. Champions crowd is a bunch of third shifters or retirees who like to have a couple early. Most have known each other for years and get along very well. New customers are finding out we are open this early every week – and we welcome them!
Dino: Most of the customers are the old third shifters, day drinkers who have a great time. They have followed me throughout the years. We get new people every week and we welcome them. We all get along.

Champions Sports Bar is located at 719 50th Street • 262-605-4811 • Follow on Facebook CLICK HERE • Don’t forget they are open daily at 6AM! 

Q&A by Donny Stancato & Art DeBaere • Photos by Donny Stancato •
(This article first appeared in Vol 16. #2 2023 Go Downtown Kenosha Magazine)

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