FREE Parking in Downtown Kenosha

FREE Parking in Downtown Kenosha

Downtown Kenosha offers a smorgasbord of entertainment, dining and shopping options. Browse through a boutique, visit a gallery, maybe stop for a latte or a sweet snack at a cafe.

Dozens of restaurants, performance spaces, breweries and pubs can be found throughout the district, which is bordered by Sheridan Road to the west, the harbor and lakefront to the east; 48th Street to the north and 60th Street to the south.

The area is home to five museums, including the Smithsonian affiliated Kenosha Public Museum, Civil War Museum and Dinosaur Discovery Museum. Colorful flower baskets brighten the heart of downtown during the warmer months, when people flock to the area to enjoy outdoor festivals, concerts, car shows and art fairs. Look for cheerfully decorated storefronts and lighted lamp posts during the winter months.

One thing you won’t see in downtown Kenosha: parking meters. There are nearly 4,000 free public parking spots available downtown, including street parking and surface lots. Simmons Island near downtown includes 288 parking stalls. Please note the posted signs for hours and restrictions.

Photo by Jason Hedman

A new public parking ramp opened in 2021 in downtown Kenosha. The ramp, operated by the City’s Kenosha Transit Division, is located at Eighth Avenue between 56th Street and 57thStreet, near Scoop’s Ice Cream store and The Stella Hotel.  The ramp includes parking spots for 354 vehicles (six accessible stalls, two accessible van stalls and 346 typical parking stalls) in addition to six dedicated motorcycle stalls.  The entrance is along Eighth Avenue. Parking within the parking structure is free. No overnight parking is allowed between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Automatic gates are activated as vehicles enter or exit the garage to provide access control for vehicles entering and exiting the parking structure, as well as pedestrian safety.

Additional parking near downtown may be found west of Sheridan road at the Metra Commuter lot at 54th Street & 13th Avenue. Cost is $5 per day (a day’s pass expires at midnight).

Enjoy your next visit to Downtown Kenosha, with some extra dollars left in your pocket thanks to the plentiful free parking.

Written by Kris Kochman
Community Relations Liaison for the City of Kenosha
(This article first appeared in Vol 16. #2 2023 Go Downtown Kenosha Magazine)

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