🧘‍♀️Q&A w/ Jenna Martin of Hot Yoga Kenosha

🧘‍♀️Q&A w/ Jenna Martin of Hot Yoga Kenosha

It’s getting hot in here with this exclusive  Q&A w/ Jenna Martin, the owner of Hot Yoga Kenosha. In this interview we find out why Hot Yoga Kenosha is the number 1 hot yoga studio in the area and just how hot HOT YOGA KENOSHA is.

What is hot yoga, and how hot is it?
Yoga in the Heat! We offer a few classes that are unheated but depending on the class the temperature will range from 90 to 105 degrees with added humidity. Our signature class is Hot26. This is done at 105 DEGREES WITH 40% HUMIDITY.
We control our heating and humidification system every class. We also have an air filtration ventilation system, and antimicrobial anti slip flooring that is specially made to cushion the pressure involved in strenuous yoga poses!

 Is yoga for everyone?
Absolutely! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come explore the benefits of this ancient practice.

How many types of classes do you offer?
We offer a variety of classes. We are the only studio that offers the original Hot26, Hot34 (Intermediate practice), 84 (Advance practice) series in the area. This allows you room for growth and the opportunity to progress into your practice safely. We also offer vinyasa, sculpt, yin, pilates, strength training, HIIT, meditation, sound baths, SoundOFF plus more! Classes run 45min-2hours. We have been partnering with our fellow downtown Kenosha businesses for 6 years now offering special events, to help support our local downtown small business community. All our classes complement each other so be sure to check them all out!

 What is your signature class?
Our studio is the first studio to offer the Original Hot26 series in the surrounding area. Hot26 is a system of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that are “performed in a specific sequence and order to flush out every system of the body while creating strength, flexibility, focus, and endurance.  This system was designed scientifically and systematically to help heal and balance all body types- no matter your experience, skill level, or current state of health.” (Hot26 School of Yoga)

What Makes Hot Yoga Kenosha stand out from the other yoga studios?
Community! Connection with the spiritual side of Yoga.
Yoga is deeply rooted in spirituality. Most people start to take up yoga for its physical benefits, but it can quickly blossom into a spiritual practice. Postures have a deeper objection that go beyond the physical. When we cultivate a deeper level of inner awareness, we can unite the mind, body, and spirit. This leads us to the highest truth. By becoming aware of our own inner being we can learn to integrate oneness with the Supreme Consciousness. It all begins by making it to your mat!

What are some of the benefits from doing hot yoga at your studio?
There are so many great benefits:
-Build Strength
-Improve Flexibility
-Improve Concentration
-Improve Balance
-Promote Relaxation
-Improves Cardiovascular Health
-Strengthen Immune System
-Improves Posture
-Improves Concentration
-Improves Heart Function
-Greater Lung Capacity-Increased Energy and Stamina
-Improves Nervous system
-Glowing skin
Plus many more…

How has hot yoga changed your life?
Hot yoga has changed my life in every way possible. At the beginning of my journey, I started hot yoga after a severe car accident. I never thought I would be able to fully recover. My breath and movement were severely limited, and I felt I’d never be able to function normally again. Hot26 stabilized and transformed my physical, mental, and emotional health, which is what led me to opening a studio.

Jenna, you were the first hot yoga studio in this area when you started, what made you want to open up in downtown Kenosha?
I wanted to provide the benefits of hot yoga and heated strength training to this amazing community. The benefits of the practice we provide are life changing. We were the first hot yoga studio to open between the Chicago and Milwaukee area. Unsure of how receptive the practice would be, I took a risk to bring it to the community I reside in. We are blessed to be in our 6th year and have loved watching the community flourish.

Is Hot Yoga Kenosha affiliated with any other you studio?
We are affiliated with our sister studio in Puyallup, Washington, but we are not affiliated with any other studios locally or in the Midwest.

What should someone expect when they walk into your hot yoga studio for the first time?
We meet each student’s individual needs. Our classes range from beginners to advanced. There is always room to grow, and our studio provides you the space to do just that. Our community is always welcoming and encouraging. No judgement, no expectations, just come with an open mind and be prepared for a challenge!

Can you tell us about success story of a student who has been doing your hot yoga?
Our studio is known for transformational healing. With consistency we integrate healing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. We have had so many success stories and we are so incredibly proud of the hot yoga kenosha community for integrating the practice into their lives. Everyone who comes into the studio that is ready to be better, becomes better. You can also check out all of our success stories online!

How many instructors do you have?
We have multiple instructors that have been with us for several years! They have deepened their knowledge through our training program. They are skilled and passionate about starting you on your journey.

What can you tell us about your yoga teacher training lessons?
We offer Yoga teacher training. Our course is an intense dive into the practice. We have Hot26 50 hour certification, and 200 hour YTT.

Will you be doing yoga in the park and downtown at the beach this summer?
Yes! We are proud to be providing the community with another round of Yoga in the Park on Monday nights at Petrifying Springs and in the Downtown Kenosha area all throughout the summer. Check out our events on social media.

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(This article first appeared in Vol 16. #2 2023 Go Downtown Kenosha Magazine)

Q&A by Donny Stancato
Photos supplied by Hot Yoga Kenosha

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