Holiday Memories w/ Sara of Lucci’s Grandview

Holiday Memories w/ Sara of Lucci’s Grandview

The holidays are always very important to small businesses and to show our support we decided to find out what is going on this holiday season at Lucci’s Grandview as we sit down with Sara Lucci for this exclusive holiday Q&A.

How is your business prepared for the holiday season?
We are all full of the Christmas spirit! Especially our Nichole Meyer! She dresses in a ridiculous Christmas outfit every day of the month!

Is your business doing anything special for the holidays this year?
We are having our 3rd annual Festivus for the Rest of Us! Brought to Lucci’s by our darling Shannyn Franklin, it’s become one of our favorite parties of the year complete with spaghetti and meatballs, Feats of Strength, and everybody’s favorite: The Airing of Grievances.

What is your overall favorite holiday memory?
In the bar? Overall, the camaraderie that the season brings to the room and amongst our tavern family.
What is your fondest holiday memory growing up in Kenosha? 
I always loved doing the school Christmas play at Holy Rosary! It was fun to get dressed up and sing songs on stage with my classmates…. It was such a big deal as a kid.

Where would your family shop for the holidays when you were a kid?
Regency Mall, Southridge mall, KB toys….and the JC Penney catalog!

What is the best holiday gift you ever received?
This year, this coming Christmas, I’m done with medical treatment. THAT is the greatest gift ever!
What is the worst holiday gift you ever received?
A Milli Vanilli casette tape #blameitontherain

Do you think you’re on Santa’s nice list or naughty list this year?
Santa and I have an understanding. It’s confidential.

Lucci’s Grandview is located at 6929 39th Avenue
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Q&A and photos by Donny Stancato 
Edited by Jason Hedman
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