Holiday Memories w/ Monica of LaMacchia Travel

Holiday Memories w/ Monica of LaMacchia Travel

The holidays are always very important to small businesses and to show our support we decided to find out what is going on this holiday season at LaMacchia Travel (618 55th Street) as we sit down with co-owner Monica Karnes for this exclusive holiday Q&A.

How is LaMacchia Travel prepared for the holiday season? 
One of our team members, Brooke, decorated our office in and out so beautifully. I am so thankful for her.

Is LaMacchia Travel doing anything special for the holidays this year? 
Our holiday party is actually in the office this year. We take out the desks, order tables, chairs and festive décor and Portside Catering crafted a unique menu just for us!

What is your overall favorite holiday memory growing up?
Other than my kids waking us up on Christmas morning beyond excited, it must be Christmas Eve Mass and watching my mother (Rose Marie Del Conte) direct and play the organ for the children’s mass.  She did it with such love and grace.

What is your fondest holiday memory?
I come from a large Italian family and every year my cousins and aunts would help my mom make homemade raviolis, pita, scalidi and cuddureddi (potato donuts).  The cuddureddi was always done on Christmas Eve, so it was not uncommon for the majority of the women at Holy Rosary’s Christmas Eve mass to smell of “frying the cuddureddi”.

Where would your family shop for the holidays when you were a kid? 
JC Penney’s, Garb’s, Morrison’s (all downtown) and of course Sears.

What is the best holiday gift you ever received?
I remember two – one year I got a Shirley Temple doll and my freshman year I got a stereo.  My brother Michael bought me a Cheap Trick and Journey album to go with it.

What is the worst holiday gift you ever received?
I have twin brothers that are 8 years older than me and loved to play jokes whenever possible. So one Christmas morning they wrapped an old barbie doll of mine that our dog chewed up!  It was devastating because for a several moments I thought that was what Santa brought me. I must admit, it was traumatizing at the time, but it makes a good story now.

Do you think you’re on Santa’s nice list or naughty list this year?
I wish there was a “somewhere in the middle” list, that is where I think I would land.

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Q&A and photos by Donny Stancato
Edited by Jason Hedman
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