Make the biggest impact when you #ShopSmall

Make the biggest impact when you #ShopSmall

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us, which means it’s also time for all things gift giving. Finding the perfect gift for family, friends, significant others, and coworkers, can be extremely overwhelming.

In an era of same day shipping, and nearly anything you can imagine available for purchase online, it is also easy for our gifts to lose their meaning. That is why we are challenging you to bring the meaning back into your gifts, by supporting local and shopping small this holiday season. Finding the right gift for the people in your life can also be a fun family activity! Walking around our Downtown area and browsing the items and making your own holiday list can be a great way to plan out your gift giving ideas.

Shopping small for the holidays is a sentimental and intentional way to give a unique gift with thought behind it. This support uplifts our small business owners, while growing our local economy. Did you know that when local businesses pay business taxes, portions of that money are placed into local city funds that can revive and improve our neighborhoods and curate job growth? In simpler terms, the money you invest in your local community stays in your community and creates new growth. This helps the local economy in terms of public services, our public school system, libraries, and more!

Whether you have just stopped in Kenosha for the first time, or have been a local all your life, we can agree that our Downtown area is the heartbeat of this community. The beautiful harbor, the lighthouse, of course are key parts of what make our Downtown beautiful… but what about all of the storefronts, boutiques, and restaurants? What if one day we looked down 6th Ave, and nothing was left?

The small businesses in our Downtown Kenosha are what bring character, charm, and that one-of-a-kind feel to our city. Without them, we lose the unique character of our downtown atmosphere- a great piece of what makes our city so loved. Shopping small truly is the gift that keeps on giving! With Kenosha’s wonderful stores, gift shops, restaurants, and markets, you can find the perfect present.

We shine a big light when we shop small. You’re not just purchasing an item; you’re also funding

someone’s dream. Our local businesses are filled with wonderful hardworking people who have amazing customer service and create a sense of community. Being a shopper at a small local business makes you a part of it all!

Giving a gift that supports a local business shows you, your community, and the person you’re giving it to that you care about keeping small businesses alive.

Written by Jenna Zeihen of Visit Kenosha
Photos by Donny Stancato & Visit Kenosha
Originally appeared in the print edition of Downtown Kenosha Magazine 2022-4 (Winter)