Vintage! Vintage! Vintage Underground Q&A w/ Stacy Juga

Vintage! Vintage! Vintage Underground Q&A w/ Stacy Juga

Check out this exclusive Q&A w/ Stacy Juga the owner of one of Kenosha’s best vintage shops. We talk store expansion, vintage pieces and more…

Q. How did the idea of opening your own business Vintage underground start? 
Stacy: I started out in my basement selling items online for a friend. She mentioned me to others and it grew from there. Alot of people ask me where the name came from. The first actual place I had was in a basement under family Dollar so Vintage Underground was born.

Q. What is considered vintage?
Stacy: 20 yrs and older is considered vintage/ antique.

Q. What products & services do you provide?
Stacy: I offer Vintage and antique items. I also buy from people who have things left over from estates. In doing this I will donate items to people in need thru the ELCA or if I know someone in need.

Q. Why did you choose downtown Kenosha for your store?
Stacy: I chose downtown Kenosha because of the community feel and I want to help build this area stronger. I love talking with all the people and doing events and things with other shops.

Q. How would you describe your business to a potential customers?
Stacy: I would describe my business as a shop where you can find almost anything or I can find it for you. We are an eclectic mix of vintage and antique. I always like to have different things that catch the eye.
Q. What has been you most unusual customer experience?
Stacy: My most unusual sale was to a woman who was searching for items for a movie set. This was great fun!

Q. What one word would describe your business?
Stacy: One word to describe my business is welcoming. I love the community and all the people that visit.

Q. Where can we find you day off?
Stacy: What’s that lol? I like to spend time with my kids and grandkids and also search out cool new items for the store.

Q. Something customers don’t know about you?
Stacy: Something people don’t know about me is that I am part of a contemporary Christian band. Singer.

Q. Can you tell us about the expansion of vintage underground? What can people expect?
Stacy: I am currently expanding into the shop space next to mine. We offer vendor spaces there and a new business shares the space with me. ” Cool Vibes Laser Art. They make gorgeous parametric furniture along with many other items.

Q. Do you take consignment?
Stacy: I do have consignment at my store when I have room and now vendor spaces as well.

Q. What is the key to your success?
Stacy: The key to my success?? I love what I do and the pieces I offer. I love the hunt for an item for a customer and the smile it brings to their face.

Q. Even thou you recently expanded, what’s next for you & vintage Underground?
Stacy: What’s next? Well down the road I would love to expand more into a vintage/ antique mall. We used to have so many vintage shops downtown and they have mostly closed. I want to bring that back.

Vintage Underground is located at 5817 6th Avenue
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Q&A and photos by Donny Stancato
Edited by Jason Hedman
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(This article first appeared in the Fall 2022 Downtown Kenosha Magazine )