Bartender Spotlight: Gabrielle at Tavern On 6th

Bartender Spotlight: Gabrielle at Tavern On 6th

Gabrielle of Tavern on Sixth is one un-FORE-gettable bartender! We get to know Gabrielle in this exclusive bartender spotlight Q&A.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into bartending?
Gabrielle: I left a corporate job that had me living to work, so now I work to live. Might sound cliché but I truly get to hang out with people I enjoy spending time with, and it also pays my bills? Amazing!

Q. How long have you been bartending at Tavern on Sixth?
Gabrielle: Since they’ve opened, so about a year and a half now.

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Q. What do you love about bartending?
Gabrielle: I get to be a small part of someone’s day, week, or month – whether it’s regulars or new faces. I’m celebrating birthdays, engagements, retirements, promotions, business openings, and even just life alongside you all.

Q. Favorite band you’ve seen at Tavern on Sixth?
Gabrielle: Kai (Anderson) has been our only performer so far and he did a lovely acoustic set one afternoon!

Q. What do you love about Downtown Kenosha?
Gabrielle: I would have to say the environment, no matter if you’re looking to grab a drink with friends, go for a walk, or need a bite to eat, there is always something to do!

Q. What is your favorite cocktail to make?
Gabrielle: Moscow Mule, quick and so many flavor options!

Q. Tell us your best bar joke?
Gabrielle: “Just one more and then I gotta go.”

Q. Favorite meal at Tavern on Sixth?
Gabrielle: Our kitchen just opened for lunch! So far, my favorite would have to be our cheesesteak.

Q. What can you tell us about the great cocktail menu at Tavern on Sixth?
Gabrielle: We have a Tito’s Fresh Squeezed Lemonade that we press the lemons fresh for each drink, if you catch me struggling with the juice press mind your business!

Q. What is your favorite drink?
Gabrielle: Tequila.

Q. If there was one drink that you would never have to make again what drink would that be?
Gabrielle: Vegas bomb. Especially when they order 15 at a time!

Q. Know any bar tricks?
Gabrielle: I know how to make a tequila shot disappear.

Q. Strangest tip you’ve ever gotten? 
Gabrielle: Two dollars made into an origami Dumbo. It was adorable!

Q. Best advice you’ve received behind the bar?
Gabrielle: Haven’t had a best yet, but I’m all ears if you stop in with some!

Q. What do you do for fun when you’re not working?
Gabrielle: Traveling, my partner and I jump at any chance to explore a new part of the world. Next up for us is Thailand at the end of the summer!

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(This article first appeared in the Downtown Kenosha Magazine Fall 2022 issue)