Sip local w/ these signature drinks

Sip local w/ these signature drinks

Another year has come to an end. Thank goodness, right? Let’s not claim the new year as our year – let’s just walk in slowly, real chill. Don’t startle it. Let’s raise a glass to survival, to community, to small business, and to the comforts of our favorite places.

So, what’s in this glass we are raising? That depends which local establishment you are visiting! Here are some of the signature spirits to try at a couple local watering holes! And may your glass be always full in 2022!

Brat Stop 12304 75th Street – Nothing goes better with a grilled bratwurst than a cold beer! Bottle or tap, you’ll love the selection at The Brat! Check out the cheese shop, too, for options to bring home with you.

Union Park Tavern 4520 8th Avenue – Bloody Mary’s aren’t just for Brunch here! You’ll find a fabulous bloody, served with plenty of garnish, is perfect any time of day. That tomato juice is packed with nutrients!

The Bloody Mary From UPT

Lucci’s Grandview  6929 39th Avenue – The team at Lucci’s mixes up some of the best Mules around with a fantastic ginger beer! Whether you’re in search of good beer or your favorite mixed drink, this neighborhood bar makes cocktails just the way you want them! And that is something truly special!

Captain Mike’s 5118 6th Avenue – Let the Party be GIN! That’s right, in addition to their vast beer selection, Captain’s features a weekly specialty Gin cocktail! They are delicious and pretty, what more could you ask for?

Down Town’R Saloon 707 56th Street- Southern  hospitality starts with a little Whiskey. Maybe that’s not really a saying, but…

The Coffee Pot 4914 7th Avenue  – Put a little pep in your step with an Irish Coffee or a Screwdriver! Both are the perfect pair for your breakfast.

Hill’s Hot Rod Hideout 4327 17th Avenue  – Like a sweet classic car, some things are just too good to mess with. A Jack and Coke is the go to at this bar. We also recommend trying the Sweet Revenge N Lemonade (Lemonade and Strawberry Whiskey).

Sweet Revenge n’ Lemonade at Hill’s Hot Rod Hideout

Sturino’s  1543 22nd Avenue – Make your night out a little dirty! Try a martini a Sturino’s before feasting on the home style Italian Fare at this north side venue.

Franks Diner 508 58th Street – A giant mimosa makes the wait for your Garbage Plate fly by! These babies are sized to match those big breakfasts!

Ron’s Place 3301 52nd Street – Long Island Iced Teas. Enough Said!

Cheers!!! Please drink responsibly.

(This piece was created by Donny Stancato & Laura Tyunaitis)
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