Anthony Perrine Talks Easter Bunny, New Location & More!

Anthony Perrine Talks Easter Bunny, New Location & More!

We sit down with one of the busiest businessmen in Kenosha, the one and only Anthony Perrine, owner of Lou Perrine’s Gas and Grocery.

Q. Is the Easter Bunny coming to Lou’s?
We are having the Easter Bunny this Saturday, April 3rd from 11 AM to 1PM. It’s part of what we do for our community every year, as we have Santa and the Easter Bunny stop by. Covid won’t hold us back, we will be practicing social distancing and doing a drive-through visit with the Easter Bunny. Families can pull up with their kids in the car, the Bunny will come and visit them and all kids will leave with a free goodie bag filled with treats and smiles on their faces.


Q. What has helped Lou Perrine’s stay in business for over 66 years?
We couldn’t do this without the amazing support of our community and every team member that’s ever been a part of the “Perrine family.”

Q. What’s going on with the new store on 80th Street and 22nd Avenue?
We have torn down the building and are hopefully going to begin construction by the end of May. We are hoping to get the doors open and have the grand opening by the end of fall.

Q. As you like to say Anthony, you are “Kenosha AF”.  Why is it that you love this city?
This city has been beyond good to our family and we love that more than we could ever show. There is something about a big city of over 100,000 people,  yet still it has that small town feel.  Kenosha is great because of the blue collar work ethic. The combination of small business leaders and community leaders that come together, and as we’ve seen in 2020 the way this community just pulls together in times of need.

Q. What is going on at your current location with all that construction?
After the car accident in October we have been fighting with the insurance company and dealing with structural issues with our building. Unfortunately, we will have to close our doors for 2 to 3 weeks starting Monday, April 5th. The construction is going to be massive, but the good news is our store will bounce back bigger and better than ever and it will be a short term pain for a long-term gain. Make sure you follow us on social media, read Happenings Magazine, and listen to the Ktown Connects Podcast because we are hoping to make a HUGE announcement when we reopen the store post construction. We have been working very closely with a big-name food service provider that is possibly going to come into our store and we believe it will be great for Downtown Kenosha and the surrounding community. So stay tuned…

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Q&A by Donny Stancato
Edited by Jason Hedman, Reanna Stockdale & Donny Stancato
Photos supplied by Lou Perrine’s and Donny Stancato
Posted 3/31/21